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A Negro Explorer (1912) My Arctic Journal (1893) Dark Companion (1947)
The High Point of 19th Century Exploration:  Henson is a charming, earthy writer who takes you with him across the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole. Josephine Peary—the first woman arctic explorer. She was a delightful writer whose intelligence, wit and cultural sensitivity make this an enduring classic. I publish Matt's biography because it is such a marvelous read. The only official biography; written with Henson in 1947.
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My father wrote this biography with Henson in 1947. He often said that "Henson was a great man" with my Mother adding—"and a great spirit!"
Donate a copy to your local school or local library...A great gift!
• Not sold in stores.

• EXPANDED VERSION with 200 photos and maps.

• First ever chapter by chapter index helps you find events in this 281 page edition

Bonus features for teachers and researchers:
A 9-page condensed version highlighting the key dates, events and quotes for each chapter. First ever reprint of the remarkable 20-page 1915 speech by Congressman Fess: The Polar Aftermath about the antics of Dr. Cook and praise for Henson & Peary's achievement.

• Easy to read 12 pt. Garamond type, tape-bound spine, clear plastic sheets protect front and back page color artwork.

• Premium grade laser paper, acid free, excellent contrast for high resolution B&W photos.
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