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Sadly, Fiennes ignores our challenge
Ranulph Fiennes said—"Sadly, I doubt that Henson and Peary ever got to the North Pole. It can be mathematically proved that they could not have done it on the basis of their notes."  Guinness Book of Records disagrees with Fiennesdeclare Peary reached Pole.  Will Fiennes share his mathematical proof with Guinness to correct them?
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We posted a letter to Baronet Sir Ranulph Twistleton-Wykeham Fiennes OBE, at his manor in the lovely English countryside of the United Kingdom. Said document challenged the Baronet to provide the "mathematical proof", quoted in the Guardian Observer, that substantiates his negation of Henson and Peary's polar achievement. One year later Sir Ranulph, sadly, has failed to respond. Now it is your turn to vote for Fiennes to either provide the proof (Put Up) or apologize in writing (Shut Up). Either proof or apology should be printed in the Guardian, with a copy provided for this website. We take no responsibility for his lordship's recent heart attack.
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G. H. Le May is Emeritus Fellow of Worcester College at the University of Oxford. His previous books include British Supremacy in South Africa 1899-1907 and Black and White in South Africa. He assesses the evolution of the people's distinct mentality...examines the tensions within the Afrikaner community as well as its historically troubled relations with others, including Africans, Cape Coloreds and European powers... the appeal of the policy of apartheid as a moral solution to the racial problem in South Africa. In addressing such issues in a direct and authoritative manner, The Afrikaners brings sharp, historical insight to the complex dynamics within South African society, both in the past and today.
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"(Fiennes) affects a manner of disinterest and snobbish disdain. His aloofness raises suspicions that behind the craggy squire-ish facade is a man terrified of others."
From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/
Ranulph Fiennes "...reignited a race row...rejecting claims...one of the first people to reach the North Pole was a black man."
Guinness Book of Records disagrees with Fiennes. Declares Peary reached North Pole.  Will Fiennes share his "mathematical proof" with Guinness to correct them? Share his proof with us?
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Commentary about this UK Guardian article:
One of Fiennes English friends, and an American business associate, have accused us of calling Fiennes a "racist". The screen shot (right) of the Guardian web page proves that references to "racial dispute", "a race row", and "rejecting...a black man" are 100% British in origin. We have written both of the aforementioned gentlemen letters explaining all this. Yet they seem to reject the achievement of Henson & Peary as readily as Fiennes did to Ben Summerskill.
More about the UK Observer's Guardian interview with Fiennes...

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Scott was a stiff-upper-lip bumbler... He didn't trust dogs, based on prior experiences. He didn't pay enough attention to suitable clothing and sleeping bags.
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