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Q: Who is the "World's greatest living explorer?"

A: Paul Landry! (according to the Miller Beer Book of Boasts 2003 edition) He not only matched Peary & Henson's sledging speeds but he skied to the Pole in almost the same record length of time! (1)

Landry & Crowley are skilled dog team handlers.

Landry's Polar achievement record
1998—supplied the dogs used in the Matthew Henson movie
2000—42 day dash to 90° N by dog sledge, then returned to 89° N
2001—Skied, effortlessly, to North Pole with British team
2001—Skied, effortlessly, to South Pole his first time there
2002—Skied, effortlessly, to North Pole in only 45 days!
2003—Nominated "World's Greatest Living Polar Explorer"
Landry mocks Herbert's "impossible sledging speeds" theory as nonsense—how could a man who took 1-year to reach the Pole (Herbert) understand how to reach it in only 42 days?
Paul Landry at the North Pole April, 2000 after matching Peary's "so called"  impossible (2) 1909 sledging speeds—his very first try! Landry and team mate Crowley are truly skilled dog handlers on a level unknown to the English who view dogs as household pets. Landry's skill beats Herbert, Fiennes, and every British polar team by days, weeks, and months!

Landry skied to the Pole in 2002 just 3 days longer than his record setting dog sledge trip! Landry is absolutely the polar athlete of the century. No one has matched his times since Peary & Henson.
"World's Greatest Living Polar Dog" is Siarniq, not Fiennes! Dogs beat out polar man-haulers in time & distance.
Siarniq, shown here during the record breaking 2000 dash to the Pole, has been to the Pole more times in this millennium than either Herbert or Fiennes. Herbert holds the record for the slowest trip to the Pole with the most support (28 tons, 3-airforces) So it is time to move the Brits aside in the record books. Make way for the dogs! Dogs show Brits how it is done.

(1) *Source: The Miller Beer Book of Boasts, 2003 edition. Published by Lord Vernon Russell-Twittledorf Robinson, MCE.  Landry hold's the record for: fastest dog sledge trip, fastest skiing trip to the Pole with a paying British client, and holds the record for the least number of air supports/air rescues and least number of body part amputations over any British contender.

Only people who have no experience with dogs called it "impossible". In fact, this myth about Peary began back to 1909 from angry Cook supporters. None of those individuals had any idea what they were talking about. Later, Herbert also echoed this accusation in Noose of Laurels. But Herbert, as Landry will point out, had no skill on the level necessary to make a polar dash. In fact, Herbert used grossly over loaded sledges carrying his luxury camping equipment. Landry notes that Herbert's 800 pound loads are 400 pounds heavier than Landry's maximum—the same maximum Peary allowed.

Copyright © 2002 Lord Vernon Russell-Twittledorf Robinson, MCE (Member of the California Empire)