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"Fiennes complains endlessly in a petty manner, about his companion...major screw up, numerous frostbitten toes, fingers etc. I found it depressing. Much more inspiring to read about Scott freezing than this guy surviving."
"...bitter fights with Ran...dementia, blindness, and toes described as black bags of pus, ...the stench of rotting flesh ...evil body odors." More a horror story than an adventure epic. "

by Ranulph Fiennes

The Fiennes classic re-enactment of the journey Shackelton never made because his ship sank.
The icy deaths of Robert Falcon Scott and his companions on their return from the South Pole in 1912 made them English icons of courage and sacrifice. Soon, however, Scott's judgments and decisions were questioned, and his reputation became one of inept bungler rather than heroic pioneer. 
Shadows on the Wasteland: Crossing Antarctica With Ranulph Fiennes
Last Place on Earth DVD
"...dramatization of Roland Huntford's iconoclstic book of Scott and Amundsen making for the South Pole... acting is first-rate, enduring  hardships in Antarctic-like conditions. There was no stinting on this production. In spite of its length, I never tire of it. This movie is incredibly accurate, realistic and detailed. It inspires me in many waysó teaches much about the value of meticulous preparation, the nature of honest leadership and human will.
"Fiennes complains endlessly in a petty manner, about his companion...major screw up, numerous frostbitten toes, fingers etc. I found it depressing. Much more inspiring to read about Scott freezing than this guy surviving."

...savage bouts with diarrhea, major weight loss, confusion, bitter fights with Ran...dementia, blindness, and toes described as black bags of pus, ...our muscles poisoned by the ice, the stench of rotting flesh added to our already evil body odors." More a horror story than an adventure epic.

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Let this be a warning to others that the Arctic is no place to travel alone!!! Fiennes was rescued but in 2001 a man out alone disappeared!
These exciting photos are from this website that explains how this happened to Fiennes: http://www.

One never exposes bare skin to arctic temperatures. The sea water removes body heat faster than air. In fact, after freezing his hands attempting the North Pole, he later cut off his dead finger tips himself with a fret saw. In fact, I think that Fiennes last North Pole trek would have killed him if he had not been air rescued. He also had to be air rescued at the South Pole.
Landry says "Did Peary ski? No, Peary didn't ski. If you want to criticize Peary and you want to have credibility, get some dog sledding experience," Landry says. "Get some experience living with Inuit and understand what they're capable of doing. Get some experience seeing what the dogs are capable of doing. And then I will listen to you."
A con man started all this
Why is Fiennes so ignorant of facts about the 1909 expedition? Everyone knows America reached the North Pole. That was until Wally Herbert wrote a book to dethrone Peary and award himself the title "first person to reach the Pole."

Polar navigation expert
Douglas R. Davies points out that if Wally Herbert, for example, had published his book 50 years ago reporters would have simply called up Henson and MacMillan and gotten the first hand facts. They would have ridiculed nonsense such as Herbert's Noose of Laurels.

But anyone who met the actual team members - Bartlett, Henson, Dr. Goodsell, MacMillan, Borup, were convinced of their achievement. The excellent character of these men, all of whom wrote their own books about the 1909 expedition, were far beyond reproach. And if you take the time to read Henson's works A Negro Explorer at the North Pole, or Dark Companion, or his interviews in the Boston American (1910), Life Magazine (May, 1951), The World's Work (1910), or the Lowell Thomas 1939 interview, you will quickly toss aside the revisionist attempts to dismiss Henson.

Emaciation, suffering, bickering and frozen tissue highlighted Fiennes Antarctic man-hauling expedition. Compare this with the happy, healthy face of Landry and Crowley at the North Pole with their teams of Huskies! Then you decide who understands how to travel to the Pole!

Photos from his book Mind Over Matter, ISBN: 0-385-31321-7, © 1993 by Ranulph Fiennes. Frostbite kills body tissue as his nose reveals.

I believe these photos prove
he is incompetent to comment on Henson & Peary, as he did in his negative remarks to the Observer. I believe this because Fiennes's polar travel methods have nothing in common with Henson's successful techniques. Henson worked with Eskimo dogs, the powerful arctic husky. Fiennes is not a man who has experience employing dog teams as Peary did to reach the North Pole and Amundsen did at the South Pole. It takes dog teams, not man haulers, to succeed in the arctic.

Fiennes practiced
a kind of "penance for Robert Flacon Scott" polar masochism by hauling heavy loads behind himself in a re-enactment of the adventure that Earnest Shackelton was going to undertake when his ship sank. Shackelton apparently paid no attention to the wisdom of more experienced, successful ship designers. Their hull designs prevented crushing when ice bound as evidenced by the excellent success of the Fram and of Peary's Roosevelt. As a result Shackelton's "let's cross Antarctica" adventure was aborted and became a desperate life or death rescue mission.

By contrast Fiennes is, in my opinion, some kind of human canine of polar masochism. Is he atoning for Scott and Shackelton? (by recreating their suffering?) He is not performing any legitimate polar exploration.
Is this Robert Falcon Scott come again? Fiennes is very taken with Scott and his suffering Antarctic expeditions remind me of Scott. Interestingly, Fiennes recently bid up an artifact of the lethal Scott expedition.
"Polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes today spent nearly £4,000 on the remains of a biscuit which was found next to the frozen body of Captain Robert F Scott after his doomed South Pole mission."
See the emaciation of his body? This may be of use to people suffering from anorexia or self mutilation to warn them what will happen. Maybe this book should be recommended for people dealing with terminal illnesses such as cancer or AIDS to give them the strength to get up and do what needs to be done.
Mind Over Matter © 1993 by Ranulph Fiennes

When you pick up Wally Herbert's mass of innuendo (Noose of Laurels) you can detect the very ripe odor of literary shite.  (Read this if you don't already know the story behind Noose of Laurels)!

Coming soon:
an expose on Herbert, his connection with Helene Vetters of the anti-Peary Cook Society, and mistakes in his Noose of Laurels, that only the experts have known about (until now).

The public may have been fooled in 1988, but that is about to change. We are also publishing Peary's entire 1909 North Pole Diary to prevent anyone from ever trying to fool the public again by telling them what is in it. We will let you see what an amazing document it truly is!

If you really want to understand Peary and Henson then read their many works before you read modern revisionists.

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Then when you pick up something such as Wally Herbert's mass of misleading innuendo you can detect the very ripe odor of literary shite.

Copyright © 2002 Lord Vernon Russell-Twittledorf Robinson, MCE (Member of the California Empire)