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Guinness says Peary first at Pole
The Guinness Book of Records is not recognized as a scholarly source of historical information. Yet they have presented correctly the basics facts about Henson and Peary's 1909 accomplishment. Still, there is a glaring mistake; Cook did not claim he reached the Pole "...earlier that month,..."

More significantly Cook's North Pole claim is so phony it does not even warrant consideration. Cook was a colossal fraud as evidenced by every known account. Thus one wonders why his name still burdens the memory of men who risked their lives to accomplish deeds of genuine merit. If Guinness would delete mention of Cook I could die a satisfied man. [V.R. 2002]
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Guinness 2004 Edition now available!
Guinness World Records is the world's best-selling copyright book, and it's a record-breaking publishing phenomenon! It has historically rocked the best-seller charts selling over 4 million copies annually, with publications printed in over 22 different languages. The 2003 edition includes fabulous, expanded new sections based on feedback from readers. And with over 1,000 new records, the 2003 edition is sure to be a record-breaking best-seller!

Up front is a large section dedicated to the most fascinating and inspiring records of heroism, human achievement, and amazing survival against all odds - from balloon flights around the world to deep-sea divers to avalanche survivors.
The 2003 edition also offers an expansive focus on the latest and most amazing advances in military technology, from the world's fastest spy planes to the most sophisticated submarines to the latest advances in robotic vehicles.
The 2003 sports section ( a perennial favorite ( has been super-sized to include even more records about Extreme Sports and the Olympics, as well as exotic and amazing games from around the globe.
Of course, the editors have included updates on the classic records, and a fun "how to break a record" section as well. And with a holographic cover, if there was ever a can't-miss edition of the Guinness World Records book, it would be the 2003 edition!

Copyright 2002 Lord Vernon Russell-Twittledorf Robinson, MCE (Member of the California Empire)